Spire SP-ATX-350WT-PFC – 350W “Jewel” review

Conclusion and evaluation

The Spire SP-ATX-350WT-PFC failed in the combined and crossload testing as it did not deliver full rated power output. And under crossloading it failed to deliver the power in accordance with the ATX specification, so according to my evaluation methodology, it is not deserving of an evaluation. Overall impression of the unit is better than with the Whitenergy ATX-350W as it has a few more components and they are slightly better. It even comes in a box. But it still has dangerous two-transistor forward stand-by circuit. That also comes with so high no-load power consumption that such a unit is actually banned from the European market.

It also uses non-safety rated Y capacitors and that is a real electric shock or fire hazard. The SP-ATX-350WT-PFC also indeed has overload protection, as has been marketed on the box. Though the “overload” according to the manufacturer is not even 300 W. So it does not even deliver rated power. On the other hand it may be actually somewhat better choice than having the unit explode. Because at 280 W it was already overheating and smelling so badly I expected the unit to fail any moment. And that was with full fan speed as it has no fan control anyway. Even though it is promised on the box which means that is just a lie. So to sum it up, this unit is not as bad as the Whitenergy, but it is still garbage.


Pros + cheap
+ working overload protection
+ all the components are there
+ good ripple suppression
Cons cannot deliver rated power
poor efficiency
poor component quality
bad soldering
loud, no fan speed control
runs very hot at higher load
bad voltage regulation
unsafe Y capacitors
dangerous and inefficient stand-by circuit
Be aware of… /?\ buying this unit


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