Super Flower Leadex Platinum 750 W: semi-fanless and fully-modular unit

Introducing the Super Flower Leadex Platinum 750 W

While Super Flower has had 80 PLUS Platinum units for quite some time already, this Leadex Platinum 750 W (SF-750F14MP) is actually just about a year old series. It has succeeded the previous Golden King / Platinum Ice Butterfly units with mostly the same parameters. It is a fully-modular unit bearing 80 PLUS Platinum certification (@115 V). The casing is slightly deeper (165 mm) than standard (140 mm), but that is only a minor difference. Especially when the unit incorporates 135mm cooling fan. What’s more, the fan may be set to either always-on AUTO mode (when it spins quite slow) or to semi-passive ECO operation when it only starts spinning at certain load. There is a switch for that purpose by the modular connectors.

Super Flower Leadex Platinum 750 W outter view

The unit is covered by 5-year manufacturer warranty and it can be found for a price starting at approximately 150 Eur. It is mostly available in Europe and eastern Asia only, and even here in only a few countries, especially Germany. What’s worth noting, customers may select black or white colors of the casing, as there are quite few quality power supplies in white color.


The single +12V rail in the Leadex Platinum 750 W is capable of delivering up to 62.4 A, that is 748.8 W so almost the full power output of the unit can be drawn from this rail alone. The +3.3 and +5 V rails provide ordinary 20 A each (or 100 W combined), which is recommended minimum by the ATX standard, even though even these figures are very rarely necessary these days. The remaining rails are the same as with most other units, that means 2.5 A for stand-by supply and 0.5 A for −12 V rail.

Packaging and accessories

The unit is packed within plastic bag and then in two pieces of foam, which are put on the sides of the unit (usually it sits on the first piece and is covered by the second). The cables and other accessories are then placed by the side of the unit. This time, the front of the box only tells us the rated power and certified efficiency of this unit.


However, the backside is rather filled with information: We have a lot of claims about Japanese capacitors, efficiency, fan control system and other things. We can also see the unusual fan curve with some additional information regarding it. It basically says the fan increases speed from minimum (or zero) to 750 RPM when the internal temperature reaches 55 °C and falls back when it cools down to 45 °C. When the temperature reaches 65 °C, it goes to full 1500 RPM and falls back to 750 not sooner than the temp drops to 60 °C. SF operates with ambient temperature, but I think they mean internal temp here. Otherwise it would mean the unit would stay passive the whole time, unless temperature reaches 55 °C outside the unit. We’ll see how it works in action…


As for the extras, we have a power cord, all the cables in separate nice bag, four black thumbscrews and the manual. No zip or other ties this time so it will only be one and a half point extra for the screws and the bag.


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