Whitenergy ATX-350W (05749): full daylight horror

Introducing the Whitenergy ATX-350W

We have not reviewed a power supply unit that would directly fulfill the definition of piece of junk for quite some time. The Xilence Performance C Series XP400R6 ended better than many would assume (even though it did not pass anyway). But now we have the Whitenergy ATX-350W, version bearing part number 05749. I mention that PN on purpose as “ATX-350W” is very generic and such brands very often sell a few completely different things under the same name within just a few years. The Whitenergy is a brand of Polish 4World company and while it may have some decent things in their portfolio, it is one of many European El Cheapo brands offering mostly Chinese rebadged garbage.

Whitenergy ATX-350W outter view

This is also the case of this unit which is (re)labeled as ATX 1.3 (but it actually has full 24-pin Main ATX) 350-watter. It costs 330+ CZK on local market, that is slightly above 19 AUD, 13 USD or 12 Eur. As we have already established in the preview, first of many lies and dangerous misinformations start directly on the sticker. This metallic thing is definitely no double-insulated (class II) product. We can see it claims to provide 14 A at +12 V (168 W), which is only 48 % of total rated power. Another 169.5 W lay on the +5 and +3.3 V rails combined. The stand-by rail should provide 1.5 A, it is very low and I am very interested to see that.


You can see this unit carries both C13 and C14 receptacles and while it may still find some use (if you want to save an outlet), this concept was abandoned some 15 years ago by most at least half-decent units. While you may think nobody sane would introduce such crap on market as a new one and these must be from some very old stock, the reality contradicts you. This piece of…Chinese workmanship was made in October last year so it is only a few months old.


Packaging and accessories

The ATX-350W is packed within plastic bag and then in carton box. While this may seem nice, remember the price of this thing. It most likely took about 5 % of the manufacturing costs to pack it in such box, which means those 5 % have been cut elsewhere. Guess where it is? The box informs us about a couple things which make no sense to me, including that High Security claim. What the?


Judging from the fact there is different thing pictured on the front side and the sticker on the backside has been overstuck by different one, I think the box was previously meant for different version with 12cm fan. It was also ATX 2.x revision. It informs us this unit has different number of connectors type 1 through 6. What? It also claims to be conforming with European norms by the CE. But I think they actually meant “China Export” and used the wrong format for that.


Look, there is even a power cord and some warranty papers in 18 different languages. Woohoo! I can see the procedure: But sir, you do not have that warranty card filled, it does not matter the devices has burned just after 10 minutes, we can not give you anything!


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