Yet another new case: Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6

In just a few weeks (or possibly months) apart, Cooler Master launched yet another case, this time the Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6. Thought the press release does not state such thing, we can most likely expect this model to launch the Mastercase 6 series, with even more models coming soon. This time around it is available in two versions, one with blue backlight (fan and few dedicated LEDs, MCY-C6P2-KW5N), other is red backlit (MCY-C6P2-KW5N-01). The skeleton of the case appears to be mostly the same as in the Mastercase 5 series, the dimensions are 544 × 235 × 548 mm. It is quite heavy at 11.74 kg. However, there are very different front, top and now also back panels.

Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 6

Indeed, the Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6 has optional backside panel which you can install to hide “your messy cables” (whatever that is)  into. There are no pictures of that so I have no idea if the “panel” is only that frame which is visible on the pictures, or really some panel which covers the whole back (question about cooling than pops up in the back of my mind). The front and top panels can also be “popped” for better cooling. The case looks much more conservative on the first look compared to the Mastercase 5 models. But it indeed appears as the panels are solid, so the airflow is most likely far from ideal, hence this popping feature. Other than that, it comes with two 5.25″, five 3.5″ and two 2.5″ positions. There are three 140mm fans (two front, one rear), or you can use one more on the front and two on the top as well. We also should not miss front and botom fan filters, and the front I/O panel with two USB 3.0 & audio jacks.

Don’t imagine these cases in your office yet though, despite the sleek front look. Though Cooler Master constantly promotes how these cases are all about modding, there is usually just one or two (or none at all) piece you can put to each spot (e. g. front panel), if actually on stock at all. As far as the side panels go, there are versions with window, window and more window. The Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6 is no exception, you can only get window, that’s for modularity. And the price is crazy as usually, in Europe is given at 145 USD without VAT. I think this is really extreme, so far it’s more like about rolling out as many models as possible. Than yeah, if you buy one, you are most likely one of only few owners of the particular version so you can feel special. There are also some interesting features like the VGA support stands (not in this particular version though, that’s only available as an extra equipment), but really, you can get two decent cases for the price of this single Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 6! And all the equipment is far from cheap either.

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