Zalman ZM500-GVM: modular mainstream platform from Sirtec


The Zalman ZM500-GVM is the newest addition to the Zalman GVM series. It has been only recently introduced along with its 600 and 700W counterparts, while the 850W and 1kW have already been on the market for some time now. The GVM Series is based on High Power’s (a.k.a. Sirfa/Sirtec) mainstream platform, and it is 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V). We’ve already reviewed two units of High Power’s higher-end Gold-certified platform just a couple of months ago (Silverstone and SilentiumPC), and they tested fairly well, so now let’s take a look at this Bronze variant.

Zalman ZM500-GVM outter view

Although I am currently unaware of its actual price or MSRP, comparing it to the ZM850-GVM’s price suggests to me that this unit should theoretically cost up to 2000 CZK (110 AUD, 80 USD). Zalman covers its PSUs with a 5 year warranty, much like the competition (i. e. the Cooler Master G550M). Like the Cooler Master GM Series, these Zalman GVM units have semi-modular cabling (in this case, only the Main ATX and ATX 12 V are fixed). The green color is specific for this model, with the differing colors indicating successive higher-watt models.


Zalman opted for a single +12V rail capable of delivering up to 37.5 A, while the +3.3 and +5 V rails provide 20 A each (or 103 W combined). The remaining negative 12V rail offers just 0.3 A, and the stand-by supply then provides up to 2.5 A. These are pretty much common figures. Nothing special to see here yet, so let’s move on.

Packaging and accessories

The unit itself sits between two pieces of foam in a plastic bag. Next to the foam is a piece of cardboard shaped to form a compartment to acommodate the cables and other various accessories.


The front side of the box lists the basic specifications (including a statement indicating 100% Japanese capacitors, a claim which we shall certainly further investigate) in the form of their industry-standard logos, while the rear side expands on them with more detailed information. One side of the box shows some internal images of the unit, while the other side has a table with the power distribution specs. There is no specific information however offered in regard to the fan speed or its noise output, nor are there any specifics given to expand on the unit’s claimed efficiency spec.


As for the extras, we have a power cord, four screws, five zip ties and the manual. I guess I can give half a point here because they included the ties…


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