Zalman ZM750-EBT: synchronous golden platform from Sirtec

Introducing the Zalman ZM750-EBT

The Zalman ZM750-EBT is the third Zalman unit we’re going to look at, after already having reviewed two GVM series units a short time ago (ZM500-GVM, ZM600-GVM). Those were based on Sirtec’s mainstream modular platform and did not perform very well, but this time things should be much better. This EBT series unit is based on the upgraded Astro platform we are already familiar with from two previous units (Silverstone and SilentiumPC). Both performed OK, especially thanks to the fact this platform uses synchronous rectification and DC-DC converters.

Zalman ZM750-EBT outter view

The platform is 80 PLUS Gold certified (@115 V) and semi-modular. As with other Zalman units, the blue color is specific to this 750W version. Initially, the international warranty was only 5 years, lately it has been extended to 7 years (and 10 years in Korea as it is a domestic market). It can be found for a price starting at 3300 CZK (about 190 AUD or 140 USD), or in Germany from 120 Euros and up.


The single +12V rail in the ZM750-EBT is capable of delivering up to 62.5A, which in itself amounts to 750 W, so the full power output of the unit can be drawn from this rail alone. The +3.3 and +5 V rails provide 22A each (or 120 W combined), this is only slightly over the minimum that is recommended by the ATX standard. Even though a typical computer will almost never reach even 20A under heavy load, giving more here doesn’t hurt anything, so I say why not. The remaining rails are about the same as with most other units, this time 3A for stand-by supply and 0.3 A for −12 V rail.

Packaging and accessories

The packaging is the same as with the GVM units – a plastic bag, two pieces of foam and cables with other accessories on the side, in a small cardboard compartment. Even the style of the box is same. This time however, they make no similar claims with regards to the capacitors.


On the other hand, the backside does indeed mention that there are “105°C solid state capacitors” this time, so that means that it should have at least some polymers, and we will definitely check that out. Otherwise, there’s all the information we already know – LLC synchronous platform, single +12V rail, many PCIe connectors (obviously for 750 W) and the most interesting information to me at least – a full set of protections. And besides just the standard ones, it also lists OCP and OTP, finally…


As for the extras, we have a power cord, all the cables, four screws, a manual and four zip ties. Definitely not that excessive but I think I can give them half a point here for including the ties.


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