Chieftec adds fully-modular Compact series to its SFX portfolio

Chieftec has introduced a second, wholy new series of SFX power supplies, the Compact series. Available are three units at the moment, 450 to 650 watts: CSN-450C, CSN-550C and CSN-650C. All three of them carry 80 PLUS Gold certification and come with fully-modular cabling (with flat ribbons). The actual manufacturer (OEM) is not yet known. All three units have a full set of protections though, including OCP and OTP.

The Compact series units should already be available on asian markets with retail availability in Europe in february. Chieftec has not disclosed recommended pricing, but I managed to find a listing for pre-order of the CSN-650C with price of 104 Euros. These actually seem to be rather cheap yet highly efficient and with 650W model, also high power rated units. They come with single +12V rail (37.5, 45.8 and 54 A) yet with just 80mm fan. It does not offer semi-fanless operation, just low speed due to the setting of the thermal control profile.

Chieftec also only offers 2year warranty which could discourage some buyers as competition generaly offers much longer warranty. But also with higher price tag so it is still an option if you seek cheaper yet modern platform (modular with DC-DC switchers, which provide 15 A/+5 V and 18 A/+3.3 V in this case).

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