Corsair launched Carbide Series 275R case

Corsair has added another midi-tower to their portofolio, and yet another with a window. This time it is the Carbide Series 275R, coming in black or white variants. It has large front plastic panel (with brushed aluminium-like finish) with no openings at all, incoming air is sucked in through a gap between the panel and the chasis body.

The large tempered glass window forms pretty much the whole side panel, also with no openings. Than for hard drives and power supply, there is the plastic cover which forms a sepparated area for these, with cabling routed behind the motherboard panel. Well, these are the ordinary things, so the case is pretty much just about making a slightly different looking model, but the functional design is still the boring mainstream.

The Carbide Series 275R only accomodates two 3.5″ drives and two 2.5″ drives, which most likely comes with the “minimalistic design”, as Corsair calls it. The 2.5″ caddies are mounted on the motherboard tray and if you buy two extra ones, you can put up to four of them in there. That’s with dimensions of 446 × 211 × 436.5 mm and weight of 8.56 kilos. I expect that most of the weight is the glass, but there should still remain something for metal so it may not be paper-thin in the end.

The price is not so minimalistic though, at 84.90 Euros directly from Corsair. As for the cooling, the Carbide Series 275R comes with single front and single rear 120mm fan. You can mount two more, or just two 140mm ones on the front and top, instead. The bottom and front positions come with large dust filters.

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