Preview: Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) – a 200W dwarf

The unit we have here today is kind of a dwarf among all the kilowatt-plus units on the market. It is the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85), a 200W unit in the SFX form factor. This unit costs slightly over 800 CZK (over 36 Eur in Germany) but with only 200W of rated power, that is still over 4 CZK a watt. My ATX price segment division did not really count that much with SFX units so I think it was time to create a slightly optimised division. With it the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) falls into mainstream. It is 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V), the losses are so low that FSP equipped it with only a 6cm push fan in the back side. Comes with the basic 2-year warranty only.

Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85)

The Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) can provide up to 15 A on the +12 V rail which is more than enough for most office builds. That is also the reason why these units are getting stronger support from system integrators. What I however do not understand is such high ratings of the +5V and +3.3V rails, 16 A and 14 A, respectively. At least they are limited to 85 W combined, but still, what for so high rating?

Is the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) even going to pass in cross-load regulation? Those crazy high rail ratings usually mean the opposite. It is really going to be interesting as this unit may be a holy grail for many users. If it passes…

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