Repairing a display: LG Flatron W2252TQ

Introduction, the display

After some time, we have a new patient, although as we will see, quite the usual, nothing extraordinary here. It is the LG Flatron W2252TQ, a 22″ display with ordinary 16:10 TN panel carrying 1680×1050 pixels. You can usually find that nonsense about 10000:1 contrast ratio, which is of course just that dynamic stuff, the actual contrast ratio is just 700:1. And the given 2ms response time could not be anything else than gray-to-gray.

This particular unit was manufactured in September 2008, so it is already pretty old. Though it was most likely used daily, I don’t have any idea when exactly it was shelved as it came with other scrap. When I got it, it did not turn on at all, not even the button lid, pretty much nothing.

So let’s take a closer look inside and check the usual problem areas. First of all, the stand has to be removed. There are four screws, and once you remove all of them and the stand, there is one more screw in the center of the bottom part of the plastic lid. Than as usually, crack the plastic body open for the lid and the front frame.

Once inside the W2252TQ, a cable connecting the button board to the scaler needs to be unplugged so you can actually remove the lid. Be careful, these tiny wires are easily torn off yet these connectors often hold together like if they were glued.

Now we do the same with the flex LVDS cable, with a piece of tape holding it in the T-Con board, you can either unplug it here, or take a peek under the metal chassis and unplug it from the scaler board directly.

Next there are only the lamps remaining, as usually, four of them, so unplug four connectors. Now the chassis with both the power supply/inverter and then the scaler board can be removed.


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