Repairing display: Samsung SyncMaster 931BW

Introducing the SyncMaster 931BW

It took some time but we are going to have a look at another monitor. I had images of some great stuff, but unfortunately I got the camera card in when I got infected by that frelling ransomware (while Avira did nothing at all). Maybe in future I will run into those things again. For now, we have the Samsung SyncMaster 931BW. It is one of the older 19” displays with TN panel, offering resolution of 1440×900 points.

Samsung SyncMaster 931BW

The panel is quite fast with response time of only 2 ms (I presume G2G), contrast is worse at only 700:1 (2000:1 dynamic). It comes with both analog D-Sub and digital DVI inputs. This particular 931BW was made May 2007 and I got it laying here for some time so it has seen up to about 8 years tops of usage. While it is not that bad, it has ultimately failed anyway.


The problem with this unit was the inability to turn on. Not even the LED was working. It just flashed from time to time, that is all. So let’s check what is the problem. To do that, you need to loose three screws holding the base and remove it.


Notice the screw you will find under the base. There are two more in the corners, get rid of all three of them. Then you can crack the plastic cover open. In this case, it was really easy, I just softly pulled the bezel with my fingers, there was no need for any tools.

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