Repairing TV/monitor: LG Flatron M2094DJ


Today’s patient is a strange one. On the one hand the fix was quite simple…actually, I wouldn’t even really call it a fix. I’m talking about the LG Flatron M2094DJ display/televisor, a 20” monitor with integrated DVB-T tuner. It has a TN panel with a resolution of 1680×1050 pixels, a response time of 5 ms and a contrast ratio of 20000:1 (dynamic).


This monitor was assembled in 2009 in Poland, but I obtained mine last year. I don’t exactly remember whether it was not working when I got it, but I think I remember the owner mentioned something about this TV tripping a circuit breaker once. So let’s see what’s wrong with it.


My memory is somewhat faint after all this time but it seems to me that to disassemble it, you must first remove the bottom stand plate and then some screws from the bottom side so you can then crack the display open.


There are some more screws around here too.


And also on the backside, scattered between the connectors. Remove those too. Only then can you proceed with releasing the bezel clips – I still use a trusty small flat screwdriver to do the prying.

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