Topower SilentEZ 350W: modular low-end unit

Introducing the Topower SilentEZ 350W

The Topower SilentEZ 350W is one of those units forgotten by a time. This particular piece has been made in 2008 or so, it is the first SilentEZ series (not the revised TOP-xx0SE). It has fallen into the low-end category just because it is so old, being on sellout. As such, the remaining pieces now sell for slightly over 500 CZK (approx. 20 USD, or under 20 Euros). Yet it is quite packed with features, or so it states. We can clearly see it is semi-modular, which is very nice for such a cheap unit.

Topower SilentEZ 350W

Topower states the SilentEZ has two +12V rails, 20A each or 24A combined. There is however no word about the protections, including OCP, so we will have to see whether it actually has any. As it is ATX 2.3 unit it still has quite powerful +3.3 and +5V rails, delivering 21 A and 18 A, respectively. The stand-by provides 2.5 A and −12 V 0.3 A, these are pretty much still mainstream figures, which is nice from a close to 9 years old unit.

Packaging and accessories

The SilentEZ 350W actually comes in a box which may be surprising for the price, but keep in mind it was positioned much higher on the market years ago. The front side is simple but it informs us about target efficiency and some other things, some of which I don’t even know what to image under.

The back side informs us about the available cabling via nice pictures, one only wonders why their lengths are not there. Then we see that about two 12V rails again, but no word about actual protections. Then some stuff about connectors, I did not find such patent numbers so I have no idea if Topower ever got those patents. This is pretty much standard today so who knows.

Then there is yet more on one of the sides. No word however about the power distribution on the box, or any more precise information. Guess marketing was not as strong back in those days, well not Topower’s marketing anyway.

The SilentEZ 350W itself comes in a bubble bag. Besides the modular cables there is power cord, screws, two zip ties and also five velcro ties in different colors. Pretty cool for 20 bucks, though there is no manual.

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