Fortron Source Power Group FSP200-50GSV-5K (85): a 200W dwarf

Introducing the Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85)

After a while we acquired a Fortron Source Power Group unit again, and an interesting one. Upon request of couple of our users we asked FSP representatives for the FSP200-50GSV-5K (85), and we got one! This unit is just 200W model in SFX package, but already 80 PLUS Bronze certified (@115 V!). Getting reasonable efficiency from so low rated unit is not so easy, but there is increasing number of users who seek very low power ATX (or at least SFX) units. The offer of Mini-PSU over 150 W is somewhat limited, but the closes ATX units are usually in the range of 350+ W. This SFX unit fills the blank spot. As most SFX units the price is also somewhat higher as there are simply always some added costs in squeezing it into smaller package.

Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K (85)

For that reason I have slightly improved my price per watt ratio division to also accommodate SFX units. So the FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) now falls into mainstream category, and even here some would argue that such bulk unit with only 2-year warranty is more like low-end, but I think there are El Cheapo units more suited for that segment. But it is definitely not high-end, even though the price of slightly under 800 CZK (35 Euro in Germany) would previously have made it fall into such category.

As we can see, it can deliver up to 15 A from the +12 V rail (180 W). But the +3.3 and +5 V rails as so often have crazy high ratings of 14 and 16 A, I wonder if the unit will actually deliver crossload output in spec according to ATX, even though the combined limit is just 85 W. The independent stand-by power supply is weaker at only 2 A (which may be somewhat limiting for higher number of USB devices), so is the −12V rail (0.3 A).

Packaging and accessories

The FSP200-50GSV-5K (85) itself only comes in this transparent thin bag, as a bulk unit. No power cord, no nothing. Some brands or resellers give you power cord even for some of such bulk units, so here it will be symbolic minus half a point for this. I know that it is mainly aimed at system integrators, but they resell this units in retail since forever, so why give them extra treatment…

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