Preview: Seasonic Energyknight SS-350ET-T3

The Seasonic Energyknight SS-350ET-T3 is probably the cheapest ATX power supply unit from Seasonic. The T3 version may actually be specific to Czech market as the F3 seems to be the international OEM model. There seem to be only very minor differences between these to, we will hopefully also get the F3 in the future so we can compare them. Both are basically stripped-down versions of the S12II, now S12II Bronze, as the current OEM versions also bear 80 PLUS Bronze (@115 V) certification for a while now.

Seasonic Energyknight SS-350ET-T3

Ecova only lists single SS-350ET model which means both the versions are really almost the same. The T3 currently costs slightly over 800 CZK here in Czech republic, foreign shops I have checked only list the F3 version (or SS-350ET with no suffix). As it is just an OEM model for system integrators, it comes with no accessories, but with three-year warranty.

According to the label, the Energyknight SS-350ET-T3 has two 12V rails which deliver 17 A each (324 W combined). Both the minor positive rails should provide 20 A while. The -12V rail has quite high rating at 0.8 A, stand-by rail also delivers reasonable 2.5 A. It seems that the unit should have over-power protection.

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